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It is always best to have mammary tumours removed by an experienced veterinary surgeon - but on rare occasion, you may be told by your vet that the tumour is inoperable for one reason or another.

The initial outlay to buy all the ingredients for the following recipe can cost as much, or sometimes more than a tumour removal surgery, so please do not consider it as a cheap alternative to your rat being seen by a vet!

The following mix has been found to help shrink or slow the growth of benign tumours in pet rats. It has been tried by quite a few people in the UK, USA and Australia with favourable reports in the last few years.

Mix together the following ingredients:-
  • 3 capsules of CLA (Tonalin) (1000mg)
  • 3 capsule shark cartilage (650mg)
  • 1 capsule Co-enzyme Q10 (10mg)
  • 10 drops of echinacea/goldenseal liquid herbal extract
  • 1ml of sublingual B vitamin complex liquid
  • 1 capsule Super antioxidant formula (has vit C, E, beta-carotene and selenium - do not give this if Enervite or any other vitamin supplements are being given)
  • 3 capsule Pau d'arco (500mg)
  • 1 capsule Flaxseed oil (1000mg)
  • 1" square of miso paste (pure organic, not flavoured)

I buy it all from Holland & Barrett (keep an eye out for their 1/2 price sales!) , except the miso paste which can be bought online. I buy mine here:- http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk/cgi-local/frameset/detail/515173.html

It turns out a bit like mud, so I divide it into 14 bits and store in fridge. This will last for 7 to 14 days, depending on whether you give once or twice a day. Start off with one dose per day for a small doe, and increase to twice if the lump continues to grow or
once a day for slow-growing lumps. Twice a day for fast growing lumps (and also for larger does).

Some rats will happily eat it neat, others do not like the taste. Disguise it by mixing it with a blob of Enervite, or try stirring it into babyfood or yoghurt.

If you try this mix after a lump removal to try to prevent further growth of tumours, please omit the shark cartilage for the first week after surgery, as it works by preventing growth of new blood vessels.

Article written by Joolzratbag and republished with permission

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