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Below is a collection of variety pictures I have taken over the years to show the comparison between Burmese & Black Eyed varieties that have lived or been born at Alpha Centauri and are assumed to be either on or related to the c locus.

General comparison pictures of other varieties can be found here

All my pictures are taken with a Canon s40 digital camera and in daylight with no flash.

Golden Himalayan

An array of pictures taken of the Golden Himalayans since they turned up at Alpha Centauri Stud.

Above: Halcyon Amphitrite x Alpha Centauri Theseus kittens - the golden coloured one to the left is Alpha Centauri Aphrodite at 2 weeks old.

Above: - Alpha Centauri Aphrodite - the first! (top pics at 4 weeks, 2nd pic at 6 weeks and bottom pic at around a year old)

Alpha Centauri Atlas (left) and Alpha Centauri Arion

Alpha Centauri Icarus at 8 weeks old.

See Golden Himalayan article for more pictures and more will be added as I get the opportunity to get more comparisons.

Burmese Based Rats

Paler agouti based Burmese and mink Burmese - note the lack of obvious points on these rats. Is it because they are mink based and the points are the same colour as the body colour or is something else going on like Jupiter actually being PEW based Burmese agouti and hence having no points for that reason. - Alpha Centauri Jupiter and Alpha Centauri Adonis (small picture is Alpha Centauri Jupiter in slightly different lighting.)

Mink Burmese & Burmese - Alpha Centauri Adonis & Alpha Centauri Ajax, note the lack of points on the mink Burmese

Alpha Centauri Adonis (mink Burmese) and Alpha Centauri Ajax (Burmese)

2 shades of Burmese - Alpha Centauri Ajax is closest to 'selected' colour, while Alpha Centauri Helios was bred from a dark shaded Siamese and is too dark.

Russian based Burmese (could be either Russian blue or Russian dove) and Burmese - Orion's Haven Iris & Alpha Centauri Venus

Burmese & paler agouti based Burmese (no points) (L-R) - kittens

Paler agouti based Burmese (no points), agouti Burmese and Burmese (L-R) - kittens

Agouti Burmese & paler agouti based Burmese (no points) (L-R first pic and R-L second pic)

Burmese & agouti Burmese (L-R) - kittens

Agouti Burmese & Burmese belly shot. (agouti Burmese on left)

Agouti based pale Burmese belly shot - Alpha Centauri Jupiter has no points, he may be cinnamon Burmese, or PEW based Burmese - plans are to test soon with a mink doe.

2 shades of Burmese & Sable Burmese (L-R) (Alpha Centauri Ajax, Alpha Centauri Phaedra & Alpha Centauri Pandora)

2 shades of Burmese (L-R) (Alpha Centauri Ajax & Alpha Centauri Genius)

Burmese & Sable Burmese (Alpha Centauri Phaedra & Alpha Centauri Pandora)

Mink Burmese with no points and Burmese - Alpha Centauri Adonis & Alpha Centauri Genius

In the above pictures, the mink Burmese (Alpha Centauri Adonis), which has no obvious points is on the left and Burmese (Alpha Centauri Genius) on the right. In the below picture the Burmese is on the left.


Burmese, Burmese dumbo and Burmese rex

In the first two pictures the Burmese rex (Alpha Centauri Thalia) is on the left, the Burmese (Alpha Centauri Tamsin) in the middle and the Burmese dumbo (Alpha Centauri Phaedra) on the right, and the last picture is Burmese, Burmese dumbo, Burmese rex from L-R

3 shades of Burmese in rex and straight coat all as kittens - Alpha Centauri Callum (Burmese dumbo) x Alpha Centauri Thalia (Burmese rex) litter

At one week and three days old, with a Siamese for comparison on the end. Left picture is straight coat and right picture is rex. The colours turned out to be paler one - suspected USA mink based Burmese (had dark ruby eyes), mid colour is normal Burmese and dark one is the sable Burmese.

At 2 weeks and 4 days

At 3 weeks and 4 days

At 5 weeks and 5 days old

Alpha Centauri Genius (Burmese) and Alpha Centauri Juno (mink) - some litter pictures showing the varieties in that litter - confirmed as black, mink, Siamese, mink Burmese (Adonis), Burmese (Tamsin) and sable Burmese (Albert) from this brother x sister mating - Juno & Genius's parents are Burmese and Russian blue (carrying ch). The sable Burmese has been tested with a Siamese and produced all Burmese based kittens thus proving that Burmese cannot be on the c locus because there were too many varieties in this litter to fit all on the c locus!

1 week & 5 days

2 weeks & 4 days

3 weeks & 6 days

5 weeks old

Black eyed rats

Ivory and Cream (the darker shade, which appears to be recessive from the BE gene) The cream rat is Valhalla Neptune and the ivory rat is Valhalla Artemis.

Russian blue point black eyed Siamese and Seal point black eyed Siamese at 7 weeks old

The paler points indicate the Russian blue point

by Estelle

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