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There are already some excellent varieties pages online, so I have no plans to create yet another, but here is a list of the ones I know of under their country of origin. Bear in mind that standards vary from country to country as do naming conventions, so the definition in one country and the genetic code, may well be something completely different elsewhere!

Although by no means complete, I've been creating a page of comparisons of similar and new varieties as and when I get suitable rats to photograph - General Comparison page here, Burmese and BE rats now moved to here.

There is a ratgenetics yahoogroup for the discussion of rat breeding and genetics related subjects.


NFRS Standards of Excellence

Rat Varieties by Hawthorn Rats - covers information about UK and worldwide varieties, including naming conventions.

  • Dumbo ears article by Estelle

  • Black Eyed Breeding article by Estelle

  • Burmese Breeding Article by Estelle

  • North of England Rat Society

    London & Southern Counties Mouse & Rat Club


    American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association

    Rat and Mouse Club of America

    Maplewood Rattery

    RatsPacNW Rat Standards

    Spoiled Ratten


    Belgian Site

    Silverstone Varieties


    Jorunn Hooi


    Swedish Rat Society Standards

    Eva's Rat Colours page

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